Sustainable development KPIs of KMG’s management

In order to deliver against strategic sustainability targets for 2022, the following motivational KPIs were approved for the Chairman of the Management Board (corporate KPIs) related to the introduction of the sustainable development management system:

Implementation of investment projects, including the Tazalyq sustainability project, a new desalination plant in Kenderly, a new gas processing plant in Zhanaozen, along with the upgrade and expansion of the Astrakhan–Mangyshlak water pipeline.

  • Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR),
  • ESG risk rating.

Corporate sustainability KPIs for 2023 are more ambitious than those set for 2022:

  • A comprehensive OHS indicator aimed at reducing LTIR, and identifying and communicating, among other things, unsafe workplace conditions and hazardous factors across the Group.
  • Carbon footprint reflecting the evolution of KMG’s GHG emissions in the reporting year relative to the baseline year of 2021.

For deputy Chairmen of the Management Board, the following sustainability KPIs are planned for 2023:

  • implementation of investment projects, including a number of sustainability projects;
  • delivery against the Action Plan to implement the 2022–2031 Low-Carbon Development Programme for relevant domains;
  • an ESG rating at 29.