Comprehensive approach to ensuring KMG’s sustainable development

The Board of Directors of KMG engages in strategic oversight and control over implementation of sustainable development principles. It also approves the Company’s annual Sustainability Report.

The Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development Committee (HSE&SD) of the Board of Directors considers and managers sustainability matters, develops recommendations on sustainability policy, annual Sustainability Report, action plans and other internal documents on sustainability that fall within the remit of the Board of Directors, implements ESG aspects of sustainable development, builds a governance system to oversee sustainability, defines sustainability goals and KPIs, monitors KMG’s progress in the area of sustainability, and integrates sustainability into KMG’s key processes.

The Management Board is responsible for proper execution and implementation of the Company’s sustainability principles, policies, standards, and action plan. It also monitors KMG’s sustainability activities and progress against goals and KPIs in this area.

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, who is responsible for sustainable development, coordinates approaches to achieve goals and KPIs in sustainability initiatives and oversees the implementation of corporate sustainability standards and the preparation of sustainability reports.

The sustainable development function of KMG’s Strategy and Portfolio Management Department is responsible for initiating, coordinating and implementing the sustainable development management system, supporting its integration into the Company’s business, providing methodology support in sustainability matters, annual preparation and approval of the Sustainability Report, assisting the Company’s units as needed in identifying and managing sustainability risks and in developing a stakeholder map and ways of interaction, as well as training in sustainable development.

Units of KMG are responsible for implementing the sustainable development management system, identifying sustainability risks, developing a stakeholder map and ways of interaction, running sustainable development initiatives, and preparing information for the Sustainability Report as per international standards.

All employees of KMG, at their respective level, implement sustainability principles and activities by acting as role models and following respective policies and standards.

List of key documents that govern sustainability at KMG Group

  • Environmental Policy
  • Emissions Management Policy
  • KMG’s 2022–2031 Low-Carbon Development Programme
  • Sustainable Development Policy
  • Corporate Water Resources Management Standard
  • Corporate Standard for Assessing the Environmental Impact of Planned Activities
  • Guidelines on Health, Safety and Environment Management System
  • KMG’s Crisis Management Regulations
  • Quality Manual
  • HR Policy 2018–2028
  • Standard Regulations on the Unified System of Internal Communications
  • Standard Rules for Rendering Social Support
  • Standard Regulations on Interactions between SACs and Contractors Working on the Sites of JSC NC KazMunayGas
  • Golden Rules code for employees
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Policy on Safe Operation of Land Vehicles
  • Human Rights and Public Relations Policy
  • Corporate Standard for Occupational Health and Hygiene Management
  • Corporate Standard for Process Safety Management
  • Corporate Standard for Building HSE Capabilities
  • Corporate Standard for Engaging Contractors on HSE
  • Corporate Standard for Provision of Workwear, Footwear and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Corporate Unified Occupational Health Management System
  • Regulations on the Application of Korgau Card
  • Regulations for Safe Operation of Land Vehicles
  • Corporate Governance Code
  • Code of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Development Concept
  • Sustainability Management Guidelines
  • Sustainability Report Development Rules
  • Code of Business Ethics
  • Anti-Corruption Standards
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Confidential Informing Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Management Policy for Employees and Officers
  • Internal Control System Policy
  • Corporate Risk Management System Policy
  • KMG’s Rules for Conducting Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Internal Analysis of Corruption Risks
  • KMG’s Corporate Regulations for Physical Security and Counter-Terrorism Protection
  • Internal Control System Regulations
  • KMG’s Economic Security Regulations
  • Information Security Management System Manual